Property Management
Gateway Property Management, LLC (GPM) is a full service property management firm located in Allston Ma. GPM is the new alternative to traditional management companies. Not only do we have top notch maintenance and contractor relationships, we handle all maintenance, emergencies, and tenant issue resolution with excellence.

GPM has an innovative process that streamlines the management and rental service into one powerful program. No matter if you are a Professional Boston-based real estate investor, or an out of town property owner that needs someone to properly look after you investment, GPM will tailor our services to fit your needs. Even with the economic down turn, and 100's of units managed, we have firmly achieved a 0% vacancy rate with all our managed properties.

Gateway Property Management, LLC is the property management division connected with the THREE most prominent and successful rental agencies in Boston, the Gateway Real Estate Group, Inc., Modern Real Estate, Inc., and The Venture Real Estate Group, LLC. This connection allows for our managed properties to always be the # 1 Priority and always remain rented.
What We Handle:

  • Marketing, client showings, application process, credit and reference checks, lease signing & enforcement
  • Vendor coordination & supervision on maintenance issues
  • Apartment renovation: kitchens, bathrooms, floors, painting, cleaning, heating and cooling, roofing, landscaping, & trash removal
  • Tenant issue resolution, move in/ move out facilitation

Condo Association Management:

  • Common area maintenance
  • Vendor coordination/ bill payment
  • Condo fee processing
  • Capital improvements facilitation
  • Budgeting & reserve account management
Gateway Property Management, LLC manages individual Condo's, Townhouses, Multi-Family's, Apartment Complex's, and Condo Associations at a low cost with great benefits.

Some of the properties we manage:

Condominium Associations

  • Townhouses at Park Corner Condominium, Allston, MA

Condo Units:

  • 127-139 Glenville Ave. Allston, MA
  • 10 Radcliffe Road, Allston, MA
  • 20 Stearns Rd, Brookline, MA
  • 1898 Beacon St, Brookline, MA
  • 215 Lake Shore Dr, Brighton, MA
  • 46A Cedar St. Boston, MA
  • 34 Cedar St, Bostton, MA
  • 85 Brainerd Road, Allston, MA
  • 18 Glenville Ave, Allston, MA
  • 7 Lothian Ave, Brighton, MA
  • 31 Brainerd, Allston, MA
  • 200 Kelton St, Allston, MA
  • 1307 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA
  • 40 Chester St, Allston, MA
  • 479 Beacon St, Boston, MA
  • 617 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA
  • 72 Englewood, Brighton, MA
  • 290 Corey Road, Brighton, MA
  • 10 Commonwealth Court, Brighton, MA
  • 67 Yerxa Road, Cambridge, MA
  • 15 Trowbridge St, Cambridge, MA
  • 6 Bellvista, Allton, MA
  • 310 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA
  • 1662 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton
  • 1411 Commonwealth Ave, Allston
  • 139 Glenville Ave, Allston
  • 222 Washington St, Brookline
  • 5B Victoria Gardens, Framingham
  • 89 Mason Terr, Brookline
  • 40 Browne St, Brookline
  • 194 St Paul St, Brookline
  • 148 Newton St, Brighton
  • 1754 Commonwealth, Brighton
  • 167 Putnam, Cambridge
  • 24 Sidlaw, Brighton
  • 86 Alleghany St, Mission Hill
  • 30 Hawthorne, Fort Hill, MA
  • 15 Park Vale, Allston
  • 22 Broadlawn Park, Chestnut Hill

Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Houses and Buildings:

  • Wadsworth St. Allston, MA (1-fam)
  • Gibbs St, Brookline, MA (3-fam)
  • Murdock Terrace. Brighton, MA (1-fam)
  • Boulevard Terrace, Brighton, MA (2-fam)
  • St Lukes Road, Allston, MA (3-fam)
  • Gardner St, Allston, MA (Bldg)
  • Cortes St, Boston, MA (Bldg)
  • Harvard Ave, Allston, MA (Bldg)
  • Glenville Ave, Allston, MA (Bldg)
  • Bay State Road, Boston, MA (Bldg)
  • Beacon St, Brookline, MA (Bldg)
  • Woodstock Ave, Brighton, MA (2-fam)
  • Harvard Terrace, Allston, MA (3-fam)
  • Pratt St, Allston, MA (1-fam)
  • Cambridge St, Allston, MA (3-fam)
  • Gardner St (2-fam and 3-fam)
  • Delle Ave, Mission Hill (2-fam)
  • Forbes St, Jamaica Plain (3-fam)
  • Chesterton St, Roxbury (3-fam)
  • Mozart St, Jamaica Plain (3-fam)
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